Make your mark

Although there is artwork provided on the CD as the subject matter for your stencil art, you can feel free to create your own. Traditionally, stenciling, as a guerilla art form has been all about expressing yourself and your opinions. So, if you feel that there is something you'd like to say, and you can translate that concept into bold black and white artwork, feel free to use it here instead of the files provided. The process remains the same and will work with a variety of different subjects.

4 I Leave the brush opacity set to 100% and then paint over areas within the mask to hide them. Paint over the dark drips in the lower right, also paint over any sharp edges where the spatter abruptly ends, like the upper left, the upper right and around the edges of the canvas. Now that you've added the spatter layer and masked it accordingly, you can see that the artwork is already beginning to look as if a stencil and a spray can applied it.

5 I Open up the scratches.jpg file. Again, use the move tool to drag the image into your working file as a new layer. Hold down the shift key as you drag to ensure proper positioning when the scratches file reaches the destination. In the layers palette, change the blending mode of your new scratches layer to lighten. This ensures that only the areas on the current layer that are lighter than areas on the underlying layer appear, creating a scratched paint effect on your black stencil art. Next, target your background layer and select the magic wand tool.

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