You can use the move tool to reposition the contents of any layer on the canvas, however, sometimes you may only want to adjust the positioning of something by a few pixels. When you just want to give the contents of your targeted layer a gentle nudge in a certain direction, first select the move tool. Then try using the arrow keys on the keyboard instead of clicking and dragging the move tool. The arrow keys make performing very subtle movements an effortless procedure.

8 I Duplicate the layer by dragging it onto the create a new layer button at the bottom of the layers palette. Increase the opacity of the duplicate layer to 100% and use the move tool to offset the position slightly on the canvas so that the color appears to be out of register. Repeat this method of selecting areas with the magic wand, filling the selections with different colors on new layers, and offsetting the registration, filling all of the outline art. Fill the remaining areas of the figure outline layer and also fill the outlined areas indicated by the other outline art layers.

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