Project files

All of the files needed to follow along with this chapter and create your own custom stencil brushes are available on the accompanying CD. Files for this chapter can be found in the folder entitled: chapter_04.

2 I Now open up the spatter.jpg file. Select the move tool and then, while holding down the shift key, click anywhere on the canvas and drag the image into your mask. jpg file. This will add the spatter.jpg image to the mask file as a new layer. This layered file will be the working file for your stencil art from this point on. Reduce the opacity of the new layer so that you can see the mask image beneath it. Use the polygonal lasso tool to draw a rough selection that surrounds the gas mask, yet includes a bit of white background as well.

3 I With your spatter layer targeted and your current selection active, choose Layer>Layer Mask>Hide Selection from the menu. After masking, increase the opacity of the layer to 80%. Ensure that the layer's mask is targeted in the layers palette and select the brush tool. Choose a large, soft, round brush preset. Set the foreground color to black by first pressing the 'd' key, and then press the 'x' key. Pressing the 'd' key sets the foreground and background colors to their masking defaults, which is white in the foreground and black in the background. Pressing the 'x' key inverts the colors so that the foreground color is black and the background color is white.

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