Refine edge

CS3 offers another method for expanding selections, amid a plethora of other features in the new Refine Edge option. When you have a selection active, click on the Refine Edge button in the tool Options bar. Drag the Contract/Expand slider to the right to enlarge the selection boundary, expanding the selection. Or, instead of dragging the slider, you can enter a numeric value in the field.

14 I Use the Pen tool to draw a closed path component that surrounds the outer perimeter of the diamond shape. Next, enable the subtract from path area function and create a closed path component for each facet on the inside of the diamond shape. Ensure that no single path component is selected and then load the entire path as a selection. Create a new layer and place it above the solid blue layer. Select a purple foreground color from the picker and fill the active selection with it on the new layer. Disable the visibility of the sketch layer to see the illustration clearly.

15 I Use the magic wand tool to select all of the inner facet areas of the diamond. Expand the selection as you've been doing previously and create a new layer. Drag the new layer beneath the diamond outline layer and fill it with a very light purple color. Deactivate the selection and create another new layer. Drag this layer up within the layers palette, until it resides directly below your black outline layer. Choose an orange foreground color. Use the gradient tool, with the same settings as before, to create a series of gradients over areas of her face that require shading.

Illustrating from Sketches

16 I Worry not, all unwanted areas of gradient will be hidden in a moment. Right now, continue to add orange gradients over areas of her neck and hand that will require shading as well. When finished, select the Pen tool and enable the add to path area option. Draw a series of closed path components around only the regions of her skin where you want the orange gradients to be visible. Ensure that no single path component is selected and then choose Layer>Vector Mask>Current Path. This will constrain the visibility of your gradients to the areas within the vector mask's path components.

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