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Painting in Photoshop

Can't Undo Step Forward Step Backward

Cut Copy

Copy Merged Paste Paste Into Clear

Check Spelling... Find and Replace Te»

Free Transform Transform AutO-Align Layers.,, Auto-Blend Layers

Define Brush Preset,,,

Define Pattern...

Define Custom Shane...


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Photoshop File Edit Imag^

Mode: Normal

j/ Chalk Blender

^ custom brush 1

cusiom brush 2

custom brush 3

Spatter Rough

® m rf Current Toot Only rf Current Toot Only

Adooe PDF Preseti... Pres^r Manager...

Color Sitting*... Assign Profile... Conven to Profile...

Keyboard Shortcuts... Menus...


14 I Open up the brush1.jpg file. Choose Edit>Define Brush Preset from the menu. Name your brush and return to the working file. Choose your new custom brush tip from the end of the list in the Brush Presets section of the Brushes palette. In the Brush Tip Shape section of the brushes palette, set the spacing to 1. In the tool options bar, set the opacity to 50% and the flow to 15%. Save this brush as a new tool preset. Use this same method to open up brush2.jpg and brush3.jpg and save them as new tool presets, using the same spacing, opacity, and flow settings.

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