When creating and editing paths, I often find myself zooming in close to edit individual points, and then zooming out to view the results of these edits within the entire path. Rather than always having to switch back and forth between the zoom tool and any path creation or editing tool, you should familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts for zooming. Type Control(PC)/Command(Mac) ' +' to zoom in, or type Control(PC)/Command(Mac) '—' to zoom out.

20 I Click on the group in the layers palette and hold down the alt(PC)/option(Mac) key. Drag upwards until you see a very dark horizontal line appear directly above the group in the layers palette and release the mouse button. This creates a copy of the group directly above the original. Target your newly copied group and then choose Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal from the menu. Select the move tool. Click and drag to the right, while holding down the shift key, until your flipped polygons are moved to the right edge of the canvas.

Just take a look at these examples and you can see the flexibility inherent within the method of working. Feel free to incorporate type layers, repeating patterns, color divisions, or anything else you can think of to add interest and diversity to your illustrated work.

Illustrating from Sketches

Illustrating from Sketches

When you choose sketches over photography as your raw resource material, there are no limits when it comes to subject matter. Proven here by the contents of this page, your illustration subjects can be as wild as your imagination.

Retro Art Effects

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