Thumbnail generation extraordinaire:

One of the main features that I love about the File Browser is that it does something wonderful to digital camera images—it automatically creates full-color thumbnails of any images you open within it. Tor example, when you open a folder or CD of images, for just a moment you'll see the generic icons (as shown at right), iust as you would if you opened the memory card from your computer. As you can see, when it comes to finding an image, these generic icons are basically worthless.

However, in just a second or two, Photoshop automatically generates gorgeous thumbnails in their place (below right). Photoshop is pretty quick about it too. but obviously the more images you have, the longer it will take (it could take up to three or four seconds), but believe me—it's worth the wait. Also, it builds thumbnails from the top down, so even though you see thumbnails in your main window, if you scroll down, the thumbnails further down could still be drawing—just be patient and they'll appear (coming soon to a Browser window near you!).

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The File Browser takes the lame default icons and transforms them >ntO-

The File Browser takes the lame default icons and transforms them >ntO-


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..full-color thumbnails. Ahhhhh, that's better'

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