Applying Camera Raw Settings

Bridge has several options for applying Camera Raw settings to files. You can apply settings that have previously been saved as a setting or have already been applied to other raw files. Having the options on hand can be very useful when you need to apply the same setting to multiple files without opening the files. Simply select the files, apply the settings and, straightaway, you can be in a position to view decent previews and slide shows and to create Web Photo Galleries without any further work on the files. If need be, you can undo the work and apply the default Camera Raw settings, and even clear the file of all associated settings.

To apply the same settings to multiple files, select the files in Bridge and then choose an item from the Edit ^ apply Camera Raw Settings submenu. Alternatively, right-click (Windows), Ctrl-click (Mac OS) and choose an item from the contextual menu (see Chapter 14 for more information on how to save settings).

One other way of applying Camera Raw settings is by copying the settings from one file and then applying them to single or multiple files. It's a straightforward copy-and-paste procedure. The only difference is in the keyboard shortcut. You have to add a modifier key to the normal copy/paste shortcut, like so:

■ To copy, select the file or files and then Ctrl+Alt+C (Windows), ^+Opt+C (Mac OS).

■ To paste, select the file or files and then Ctrl+Alt+V (Windows), ^+Opt+V (Mac OS).

When you paste, you are given the option of which settings you would like to apply. Select from the pop-up panel and click OK (Figure 4-6).

Figure 4-6: The Paste Camera Raw Settings dialog box.

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