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Each time you create a shape, Photoshop places it on its own layer. However, you can combine shapes if required, but not in the conventional way of combining pixel-based layers—at least, not without rasterizing the two layers first. To do so, take the following steps:

1. In the Layers palette, click the vector mask of the source shape layer that you want to combine.

2. Choose Edit ^ Copy, or Ctrl+C (Windows), ^+C (Mac OS). If you want to delete the source shape layer, select the path with the Path Selection tool and then cut the path by pressing Ctrl+X (Windows), (Mac OS).

3. Select the vector mask of the target shape layer.

4. Choose Edit ^ Paste, or Ctrl+V (Windows), (Mac OS).

Photoshop combines the two shapes and applies any effects that might be present in the target layer.

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