Creating and Applying Keywords to Files

You can use the Keywords panel (View ^ Keywords Panel) to create keywords and to organize keywords into sets (Figure 4-10). Keywords can be applied to single or multiple files and used to find files on your hard drive. When the files with a shared keyword are found, they are displayed as a group, making it easy to identify them and to copy or sort into different folders.

I Metacata 1 Keywords »

Assigned Ke7wordt London: Mjhc Ih^airs■ vvesc End

I Metacata 1 Keywords »

Assigned Ke7wordt London: Mjhc Ih^airs■ vvesc End

► Q| Everts

T Landscapes

Ally Pally

□ Camden Town

Hampstead Heath

■ ~ Hyde Park


[7jw<5t End

▼ ElPtopIt

□ Family

□ Film

1 I Friend's

@ The aire

T Places

□ Birmingham

[h/ London


□ Mew York.

□ Pari!

□ Punjab


► Other Keywords


Figure 4-10: The Keywords panel.

To create a new keyword or set, click the appropriate icon in the bottom of the Keywords panel (Figure 4-10). If a set is selected beforehand, keywords are created in the selected set.

To apply keywords, select a file and then click the checkbox next to a set or single keyword. To remove keywords, select a file and then deselect the appropriate set or keyword. You can apply keywords and sets to multiple files by selecting them and then checking a set or keyword.

You can also add keywords via the Info Palette's Description pane. To open the Info dialog box, select a file and choose File ^ File Info or press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I (Windows), ^+Opt+Shift+I (Mac OS). In the dialog box, enter the words manually or paste them from a text editor and click the OK button. The added keywords appear in italics under Other Keywords in the Keywords panel in Bridge. To make the keywords persistent, right-click (Windows), Ctrl-click (Mac OS) and then select Persistent from the contextual menu or drag them into a set.

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