Finding Files and Saving Searches

You can use Bridge to find files on your hard drive by using the Find dialog box (Figure 4-9), Edit ^ Find. The dialog box has options for adding criteria and allows you to enter basic Boolean logic, and asterisks (*) for wild cards.

Figure 4-9: The Find dialog box, showing three criteria being used to find files in a chosen folder and subfolders.

When a search has been completed, you can save it as a Collection by clicking the Save As Selection button, located at the top-right corner of the Find Results window, just below the toolbar. To see your saved collections, select Collections in the Favorites panel and then doubleclick a collection to view its contents. You can also select Collections from the Look In menu in the toolbar.

When you come to save your search as a Collection, you can select Start Search From Current Folder so that when you are in the Collection and you elect to use Edit Collection, the new search will be confined to the current folder. Don't feel pressured into making the decision, though. The same option is available in the Find dialog box when and if you do decide to edit the collection.

By default, the search results are shown in a new browser window. Unless you know that the results will be displayed in a new browser window, it can be quite disconcerting to see all your folders disappear. If you wish to see the results in the current browser window, make sure that Show Find Results in a New Browser Window is not ticked in the Find dialog box (Figure 4-9).

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