Moving Paths

After a path has been drawn, you may move it around the document or even to another document. Furthermore, paths can be duplicated (Figure 10-7) or exported to an Illustrator file from the File^ Export submenu.To move a path, use the following methods:

■ Select the Path Selection tool (A), click the path, or inside it, and then drag to a new position.

■ Use the Direct Selection tool (A) to draw a marquee around the path, click it, and then drag to a new position.

■ If the Direct Selection tool is already active, press Ctrl (Windows), ^ (Mac OS), place the pointer inside the path or on it, click, and then drag to a new position.

Figure 10-7: You can duplicate a path by holding down Ctrl+Alt (Windows), ^+Opt (Mac OS) and dragging to a new position while a pen or shape tool is active.

NOTE Activating the Path Selection tool this way is sticky. If you want to continue editing the path, you must go to the Toolbox and select the Direct Selection tool again or Ctrl-click (Windows), §€-click (Mac OS) the path once more.

■ If the Pen tool is active, to access one of the selection tools temporarily, press Ctrl (Windows), ^ (Mac OS). Just remember to draw a marquee with the tool to select the whole path; otherwise, only the segment you click is affected.

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