Selecting Colors from Libraries

As well as being able to define custom colors in the Color Picker, you can also select from preset process books and swatches if you are familiar with their usage. You can choose from the following color systems:

■ ANPA-Color—A color scheme used primarily in newspaper printing. ANPA (American Newspaper Publishers Association) in 1992 became the Newspaper Association of America (NAA).

■ DIC Color Guide—A color scheme devised by the Japanese chemical group Dainippon Ink and Chemicals, Inc., which also produces printing inks. It's primarily used in Japan for matching process color (CMYK) to spot color.

■ Focoltone—A color system that specifies Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black components for each color tone, as opposed to a specific ink formulation, enabling the color to be reproduced systematically.

■ HSK swatches—A color system used in Europe. You can select from the following scales: HKS E, for continuous stationery; HKS K, for gloss art paper; HKS N, for natural paper; HKS Z, for newsprint.

■ Pantone—A system of standard colors used worldwide. It assigns a specific Pantone color name or number (or both) to identify thousands of spot and process colors, and it provides the exact ink formula to achieve consistency of color, regardless of the printer.

■ TOYO Color Finder 1050—A system based on the most commonly used inks in Japan, designed for matching spot colors to Toyo's product line. It can also determine whether a selected color can be reproduced with process ink combinations.

■ Trumatch—A system designed to take some of the guesswork out of 4-color selection and matching. It divides the spectrum into 50 hue families with 40 tints and shades of each hue, plus 4-color grays.

To access the Color Libraries screen (Figure 2-29), click a color box in the Toolbox or use your favorite method for calling the dialog box, and when the Color Picker dialog box appears, click the Color Libraries button.

Figure 2-29: The Color Picker, showing the Color Libraries screen.


The preset colors available do not guarantee a matched print. To ensure closer matching between computer display and printed output, the use of the appropriate type of color swatch (for instance, using Pantone solid colors in a CMYK file is not a good idea), an up-to-date printed color swatch, and consultation with your printer are highly recommended.

TIP If you select a color in Color Libraries and then click the OK button, the next time you access the Color Picker it will go straight to the Color Libraries screen, instead of the Color Picker dialog box. To have the Color Picker appear each time you call it, click the Picker button in the Color Libraries dialog box, select a color in the Color Picker, and click OK to exit.

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