Showing the Pop-Up Brushes Palette Temporarily

When you are working in the document window with a painting task, you can show the cut-down version of the Brushes palette right next to the brush tip (Figure 3-4) by right-clicking (Windows), Ctrl-clicking (Mac OS).

As usual, there are several ways of doing anything in Photoshop, and that precept applies to dismissing the palette. To do so, you can start to use the brush that you have just selected, press Esc, or press Enter (Windows), Return (Mac OS).

NOTE if you alter the diameter of the brush tip in the pop-up palette, the effect is only temporary. The next time you select the same brush, it will revert to the preset size.

Figure 3-4: Selecting a new brush from the cut-down, pop-up version of the Brushes palette.
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