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When you use the command Gamut Warning (View ^ Gamut Warning), Photoshop overlays your image with a nonprinting color to indicate which colors are out of gamut (Figure 2-37), as described by the working color space or the profile selected in the Proof Setup submenu.

Figure 2-37: Top: Gamut warning overlaid with the default color, not so visible. Bottom: Gamut warning overlaid with a custom color chosen in the Preferences ^ Transparency & Gamut screen, very much visible.

By default, the overlay color is slightly lighter than a mid-gray but you can change it to any color you like; a garish purple or green might be good contenders. To do so, take the following steps:

1. Open Preferences: Choose Edit^ Preferences (Windows), Photoshop ^ Preferences (Mac OS).

2. In the dialog box, select Transparency & Gamut from the pop-up menu in the General screen.

3. In the Gamut Warning section of the dialog box, click the color box (Figure 2-38), choose a color from the Color Picker, and click OK.

Figure 2-38: Setting the Gamut Warning overlay color in Preferences^ Transparency & Gamut dialog box.

NOTE While in the Gamut Warning section, you can also set the opacity of the gamut warning overlay, but it's best to leave it at 100% unless you have a specific need to lower it.

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