I'm not going to provide a long list of keyboard and mouse-click accelerators. A list is just not a practical way to learn them. But do learn some of them to make it easier to focus on editing rather than navigating each time through the interface to find a particular command.

Many accelerators are easy to find, though, in the Photoshop interface. Use the interface to find the appropriate accelerator, and then use the accelerator instead. You'll quickly get the hang of it. (This may sound trivial, but few people use this technique for learning accelerators.)

Menu accelerators are found next to the appropriate commands on the menu.

The toolbox shows tool tips for each tool. Point your cursor at a tool, wait a second and a tool tip will appear. The tool tip displays the tool name plus the keyboard accelerator used to select it. As seen in the illustration, the brush tool can be selected by pressing the B key.

There are many additional accelerators hidden within Photoshop. I use a number of them, and, as necessary, identify them throughout the book. Photoshop also has a number of popup menus that accelerate access to various functions - they are typically identified by a grouping of small triangles (#'<•)')• Click on some of them to see various popup options.

Finally, you probably already know about the Undo key - / +Z. This is likely the most important accelerator in Photoshop making editing safer knowing you can always undo a change that doesn't work out. Note, though, that the Undo command toggles between Undo and Redo, if you select ctri/ftiij+Z once it will undo, but a second time will Redo the previous command. This is great for evaluating the most recent edit.

Photoshop Secrets

Photoshop Secrets

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