Applying Photo Edges to Images

Once you have an appropriate photo edge file, it is very easy to apply the photo edge to an image.

1 Open both your image file and the edge image file that you want to use. If necessary, rotate the edge image to match the orientation of the image file by selecting Image>Rotate Canvas>90° CW.

2 Select the edge image and move it onto your image file as a new layer by selecting Layer>Duplicate Layer. In the Duplicate Layer dialog, name the new layer "Edge", and change the Destination document to match the target image file.

3 The edge will likely be smaller than your target image. To resize the edge, select Edit>Free Transform.

Drag each of the handles of the transform box out to the corners of the image so that the edge layer now covers the entire image. Press OK to accept the transform.

4 Finally, change the blending mode for the Edge layer to "Screen". This makes the edge layer transparent where it is black, thus making the original image visible through the center of the image.

5 This example produced a white edge around the image. To make a black edge, select the Edge layer and invert it by selecting Image> Adjustment>Invert.

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