Blur Border

1 Create a new Merged Image layer on which to perform the blur (page 24). If you only have a background layer, duplicate it by selecting Layer>Duplicate Layer.. Name this the "Blur Corners".

2 Create a border mask for the "Blur Corners" layer. Pick the Elliptical Marquee tool form the toolbox and draw an elliptical selection over the image, then select Select> Transform Selection to get the selection placed precisely.

Create a mask for the "Blur Corners" layer from this selection that reveals the corners outside of the selection. Select Layer>Layer Mask>Hide Selection.

Now blur the new layer. Select the image part of the "Blur Corners" layer by clicking on the image thumbnail. Use the Gaussian Blur filter; select Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur.

Experiment with the blur radius to get a good effect on the edges.

The blur effect is now visible, but the transition from sharp to blur is very abrupt. This can be fixed by blurring the mask itself. Select the mask of the "Blur Corners" layer and blur the mask as well using Gaussian Blur.

The edge of the diffusion is now much softer. The effect may still be too strong. Reduce the opacity of the "Blur Corners" layer to turn down the effect.

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