Changing Color with the Color Replacement Tool

The Color Replacement tool provides a way to change a color on part of the image quickly by painting over the color. It is a very easy tool for changing the color on a specific object within

a! <r the image. For the example shown here, I will be changing some of the red weave into orange.

1 Create a new Merged Image layer on which to paint the new color (page 24). If you only have a background layer, duplicate it by selecting Layer>Duplicate Layer Name this layer for the color edit - here I use "Change Red weave to Orange".

2 Select the Color Replacement tool. It is under the paintbrush tool.

3 The default options for the Color Replacement tool work well for many types of images. The Color Replacement tool selects the color from under the mouse pointer and changes all the pixels within its brush to the Foreground color. Sample Once is more precise (it changes the color under the brush when you first click), but Sample Continuous is generally easier as you paint across an object. Just be careful not to paint outside of the object whose color you are replacing.

Sampling: Continuous Sampling: Once

4 Next select a color. The Color Replacement tool uses the Foreground color. You need to set it to your new color. Click on the foreground color square to bring up the color picker. Move the pointer over the image and click on the color that you will be changing. This lets you see the starting color in the color picker.

Then change the color in the Color Picker to the new color you want.

5 Close the color picker and begin painting in the image over the color that you want to change. That's it. Paint over the color enough to ensure that all the pixel are changed.

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