Chapter 3: The Image Editing Workflow

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The Workflow Outline 54 Workflow Stage Summaries 55 Stage 0: Capture the Image 55 Stage 1: Organize the Images 55 Stage 2: Open Image Files (Process RAW Files) 55 Stage 3: Image Clean-Up 55 Stage 4: Perform Global Adjustments 56 Stage 5: Perform Local Adjustments 56 Stage 6: Photographic Edits 56 Stage 7: Print Preparation 56 Stage 8: Print 56

Stage 1: Organizing the Images 57 Organizing Original Image Files 58 Sorting Original Images 60 Organizing Edit Images 61 Archiving Files 62 Stage 2A: Opening Image Files 63 Stage 2B: Processing RAW Images 63 Adobe Camera RAW 64 Using Camera RAW with Multiple Images 66 Stage 3: Image Clean-Up 68 Straighten 68 Crop 69 Spot 70 Reduce Noise 73 Save the Clean Image 73 Stage 4: Perform Global Adjustments 74 Adjustments Tasks and Adjustment Tools 74 Order of Adjustments 75 Adjustment Layers 76

Black and White Point Adjustment (Levels Tool) 77 Adjusting Image Brightness (Levels Tool) 78 Adjusting Image Contrast (Curves Tool) 79 Adjusting Shadows/Highlights (Curves Tool) 80 Color Balance (Color Balance Tool) 81 Edit Colors (Hue/Saturation Tool) 82 The Success of Basic Adjustments 83 Stage 5: Perform Local Adjustments 84 A Task List for Localizing Adjustments 84 Some of My Favorite Selections 87 Some Notes on Selections 96

Performing the Adjustments 97 Editing the Mask 98

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