Color Space Settings

Use the Color Settings dialog to configure color space by selecting Edit>Color Settings.

Change the settings Option to the Web/Internet option appropriate for your region of the world (North America, Europe, Japan, etc.). These are the easiest defaults for basic color management, plus, you definitely should use these settings if you are creating images primarily for the web.

To change your default RGB color space, change the RGB: option under Working Spaces. Usually you want "AdobeRGB" if you change the default from sRGB. Leave CMYK, Gray, and Spot as defaulted.

Under Color Management Policies, leave the default RGB: policy as "Convert to Working RGB." As a result, an image opened in color space other than your default color space causes an "Embedded Profile Mismatch" dialog to open warning that the image color space is not the same as the working color space. It gives you the option to use, convert, or discard the embedded profile. Typically, you would convert images into your default color space.

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