Copying Color Corrections

There are many times where you might wish to apply the same color correction to a number of different images. This generally happens when you have a number of images that were shot under very similar conditions, so that the same color balance will work well for all these images.

It is possible to just copy a color correction adjustment layer (or any layer) onto another layer merely by dragging from the source image and dropping the layer onto the destination image. You can also copy a layer from one image to another by selecting that layer in the source image and using the Layer>Duplicate Layer command; in the Duplicate Layer dialog, change the Destination Document to the destination image.

Just copying a color correction layer from one image to another works for color corrections that use an adjustment layer and that adjustment is active everywhere (the mask is white). But often the color correction may have required a number of different adjustments including masks or adjustments that have been applied to stamped image layers; these won't copy over well to a new image.

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