Use the Crop tool for very precise cropping. It lets you zoom in for careful

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adjustments and creates a good preview before the final crop.

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Select the Crop tool. Enter a specific Width and Height on the options bar, if you know the exact size for the final image. If needed, clear the options by clicking the Clear button. Leaving the Width and Height clear allow for an image of any size or shape.

Use the Crop tool to select a portion of your image. But don't be too precise here, just get the crop onto the image. Once selected,

adjust the selection size by grabbing a handle on the corner or edges of the selection.

Zoom in and out of the image while cropping to ensure the crop is exact. (Use the View Menu or Zoom accelerators in Chapter 2, Foundation.)

Once you've drawn a selection with Crop, the option bar changes. Before accepting the final crop, change the Opacity of the Shield from 75% to 100%. This completely blocks the pixels to be removed by the crop and provides a precise preview. Return the Opacity to 75%.

Press the Enter/Return key to crop.

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