Crop Your Image

Often your image doesn't have the right shape to fit your final print. Typically, images from digital cameras mimic the long format of 35 mm film, a format that has the proportions of 4 X 6. If you want to fit this into a more traditional print proportion, like 5 X 7 or 8 X 10, you will need to crop off some of the long end:

1 Select the crop tool from the toolbox.

2 On the Options Bar for the crop tool, input the Width and Height for the target print; this will ensure that you crop to these specific proportions. Make sure the Resolution is blank; you will set the resolution when you resize the image.

3 Drag the crop tool across your image to roughly define the area of the crop; the crop tool restricts the crop to the proportions entered in the Option Bar; you can make the crop any size your want. If the crop tool restricts you to a vertical crop, and you want to make a horizontal one (or visa-a-versa); hit esc to cancel the crop tool, and hit the switching arrows between the width and height to change these, and drag the crop tool across your image again.

Once your have drawn the crop to fit your final image. Hit the return key to accept the crop.

100 Photography Tips

100 Photography Tips

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