Elliptical Marquee Tool

The Elliptical Marquee tool is often maligned because of its simplicity. It's often easiest to make a very quick selection with a few clicks of this tool, feather this selection, and use this selection to make a quick localize adjustment. A quick selection is often sufficient. For this example, I want to make a quick selection of the large white cloud in the image. Pick the elliptical selection tool from the toolbox. If Rectangular Marquee is displayed, click and hold the Rectangular Marquee tool to display the Elliptical Marquee tool underneath. (You can also select the current Marquee tool by pressing the M key, and switching between the Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee tools by pressing lShift +M).

Make a few passes with the Elliptical Marquee over the image part you want to select while holding down the shift key to build up an irregular shaped selection quickly.

If you select too much of the image with the Elliptical Marquee undo the most recent selection easily by hitting jijij ft Ctrl +Z. Or subtract a piece from the current selection. To subtract from a current selection, hold down the askey while making a selection over the part you want to remove from the selection. This is an easy way to take a quick bite out of an existing selection.

When making a selection using the Elliptical Marquee tool, you almost always want to feather the selection with a fairly large value to soften the edge of the selection. Make the edges soft enough and the irregular edges of the elliptical selection won't be visible in the final image. Remember, it's also possible to soften a selection further when you edit the mask at the end. In this example, I added contrast to the cloud using a very simple Elliptical Marquee selection.

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