Jpeg (*.jpg, *.jpeg)

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This is the format for compressed files. Most images on the Internet are saved in JPEG format, since they can be compressed to such smaller file sizes, at least 20:1 with little loss in image quality. Compressions of 100:1 are possible, but result in some significant loss in image quality.

All digital cameras have the option to save images as JPEG files so you can save many more images onto your camera's data card. But since this format only supports 8 bits per channel images, avoid using it for capture. But if your camera only supports the JPEG format, it's still workable.

Compression works best for smoothly toned images. Busy complex images do not compress well or lose detail if compressed. Keep this in mind when saving in this format.

JPEG files are good for use with the Internet. Within Photoshop use JPEG for images to save to the Internet or e-mail to someone over the Internet.

The JPEG Options dialog appears after you save you image. Set Image Quality to 9, "High" for most files and to, 6 "Medium" for especially large files or relatively unimportant files.

JPEG Format Options should be set to Baseline for most images.

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