Magnetic Lasso Tool (?)

The Magnetic Lasso tool is a "cool" tool that works wonders on images with very

well defined edges but is amazingly frustrating on images with less than ideal edges. The Magnetic Lasso creates a selection along an edge with well-defined contrasts of color or density, so it works best where the edge contrasts are noticeably different in the image. Just select Magnetic Lasso from the toolbox, click at the edge you want selected to start the selection, and drag along the edge to create the selection.


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There is a good chance that Magnetic Lasso will jump off of the edge you want and move the selection somewhere else. Don't panic! Just move the pointer back to the edge you want selected and force Magnetic Lasso back to this edge by clicking on it again. Don't worry about the piece of the selection that is "off" the edge; you can clean this up later when you edit the mask.

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