Making Photo Edges in Photoshop

1 Create a new image on which to make the photo edge; select File>New In the

File New dialog, select an appropriate preset for the target image; 4" X 6" is a good frame size for a rectangular

image. Leave the new image in 8 bit per channel mode as some of the filters that you may want to use will not work with 16 bit images.

2 Select the entire image area; Select>All. Resize the selection to make it fit the center of the image by using Select> Transform Selection; hold down the [a/┬╗keys and drag the corner of the transform box towards the center. Once the selection is the right size for the photo frame, press Enter to accept the transformation.

3 Fill the new selection with Black; set the colors to the default colors B&W by pressing the D key, and fill the selection with the foreground color by pressing [a/┬╗/O+backspace.

4 Remove the selection; Select>Deselect. This allows the filter to apply to the entire border layer.

5 Select Filter>Brush Strokes>Spatter. Experiment with the settings. Press OK to accept the filter. Many of the filters can be effective for creating interesting borders. Try the Glass, Ocean Ripple, Sprayed Strokes, or Torn Edges filters. Further experimentation can create some interesting edges.

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