Match Color

You can copy the colors from one image to another using the Match Color tool. This tool works well for images that have substantially similar original colors; ideally colors shot from the same original source; images with very different colors tend not to match well.

1 Save the source image (the image with the correct color). Make a duplicate of this image by selecting Image/Duplicate Image; in the

Duplicate Image dialog, select "Duplicate Merged Layers Only" to make a flattened copy; you won't need to save this file, so name it "Color Source".

2 Open the destination image, if this image has any layers other than the background layer, you should make a Merged Image layer to hold the color changes made by the Match Color command (see page 24 under layers).

3 Select Image>Adjustments>Match Color.

Down at the bottom of the dialog; change the Source to be the "Color Source" image that you created in step 1.

If the two images are similar originals, the colors from the source image should be mapped onto the destination image.

If you have images that have some colors that do not match, you can still use Match Color by make selections around those portions of these images that have similar colors. Make a selection around the colors that you want for your source in the source image, and the colors that you want corrected in your destination image, and then use the Match Color tool. In the Match Color dialog, you can

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choose to use the selection for the Source image and/or the target image; select these to target the color changes.

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