Organizing Edit Images

Up to this point, you've only been organizing original images. Keep your original images unedited so you'll always have an unedited version. Create another file tree for editing images. I call mine "Working Images" with folders for all the images I edit under it. I typically place each image into its own folder for editing, but it's also good to place several images for a single project within a single folder, especially if you intend on working on all these images together. Copy the original file(s) you want to edit into the appropriate folder(s) in your editing images tree.

Copy the original files to a new directory for editing

In the editing folder you're now able to save several versions of each image. These versions include:

■ A Clean version (created during the image clean-up stage)

■ An Edit version (created during the image editing stages)

■ One or more Print versions (created during the print prep stage)

■ One or more Web versions

All of these versions are important files to keep. The clean version is a good starting point for editing any image, especially if you choose to go back and restart the editing stages on an image. The Edit version is important if you want to continue editing or rework a particular edit on your image. Edit versions are in

Photoshop format and include all of the layers you create to edit the image. The Print and Web versions are completed images and are useful if you wish to quickly open a file merely to make a quick print, or use an image on the web. Print and Web versions are usually flattened TIF or Jpeg files that can be used by other programs and users.

Open a file from within your edit folder to begin editing in Photoshop. For most file formats the image opens right up in Photoshop; this includes Jpeg files from digital cameras and Tiff files for images scanned from film. If the image is a RAW file from a digital camera, then Photoshop opens the files using Adobe Camera RAW. (More on Camera RAW in the next section.)

As you proceed through the workflow, I identify good spots to save Clean, Edit, Print or Web image versions. Be careful to save each version.

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