Polygonal Lasso Tool

———r The Polygonal Lasso Tool is also an easy tool for making quick, ^^ rough selections of irregular shaped objects. You can then feather -* these selections to soften the roughness. I prefer the Polygonal

Lasso tool over the traditional Lasso tool. you can use the Lasso tool to just draw a selection on the screen, but the Polygonal Lasso requires that you make a series of clicks to make a more precise selection. Pick the Polygonal Lasso tool from the toolbox. If the Lasso tool is displayed, click and hold the Lasso tool to display the Polygonal Lasso tool underneath. (You can also select the current Lasso tool by pressing the L key, .

and switch between the three Lasso tools by hitting Shift +L).

Use the Polygonal Lasso tool by clicking along the edge of the selection you want to make. If you come to the edge of the image, click outside of the image to select right along the edge of the selection. To complete the selection, make selection points until you get back to the first selection point and click back on the original point. Or you can double-click to automatically create a point and connect it to the last point and close the selection. Again, remember, let this be a rough selection tool. Don't try too hard to make a perfect selection. And remember to feather the selection you created using the Polygonal Lasso tool.

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