Preparing Images for Print

Now you are ready to make a final print. This chapter covers a quick and easy process that I perform to prep any image for print.

Up to this point, the work that you have done to your image isn't particularly dependent on the final target for the image; the final size or print medium. But now you will perform edits on your image that are specific to the final size and print medium. I often don't know how my images will be printed when I start working on them, or I want to be able to print an image in a few different ways; so I make sure that these printer-specific steps are performed after I have completed all of my basic edits and saved the edited image.

This may seem like a lot of work to just get your image ready to print, but with some practice, you will be able to perform all of these steps in about a minute.

You may just want to make a "quick" print to see how the image will look when printed without going through the bother of properly resizing the image or sharpening the image. I call these quick proof prints - look for how to make these in this chapter.

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