Printing a Selection from Your Print

If your image is larger than A4 or letter sized, you may wish to make a proof print of a 5" X 1" (18 cm X 12.5cm) selection out of your image. This allows you preview a piece of the image as it will print in the final image:

1 Make sure your image has no current selections; Select>Deselect. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool from the tool bar. Look that the options bar for the Rectangular Marquee - it has an option to create

selections for a fixed size. Change the Style on the options bar to Fixed Size. The Width and Height options now become available. Make these 5 and 7 in (or 18 and 12.5 cm, respectively).

2 Place the selection on the ... „, ■ ; , . " ~~ „ image - just click on the image and a rectangular selection will appear with the correct dimensions; you can move this selection around by dragging it to get the exact placement that you want. If the rectangular selection is the wrong orientation (i.e. vertical when you want horizontal), click on the Switch arrows between the Width and Height options on the options bar.

3 Select File>Print with Preview. In the

Print with Preview dialog select the Print Selected Area option under Scaled Print Size. Photoshop will now print only your selection (which is exactly 5" X 7" or 18 cm X 12.5 cm). Note that the preview does not display the selection as it will appear on the final print -this is a "Feature" of Photoshop.

4 Print the image normally.

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