Save the Edited Image

Likely your will already have a saved file for your edited image; it will be named something like "My Image Edit". Go ahead and save this image so that you have a protected version of the image that includes all your edits and layers. Select File>Save. If you haven't saved the edited image, go ahead and save a new file for your edited image (your image will have the name of the original file that you opened for that image, or perhaps the clean file name "My Image Clean"). Select File>Save As...; in the Save As dialog, change the name to "My Image Edit" and save it.

Duplicate the edited image Maybe this is a bit too hardcore, but I recommend making a duplicate of your edited image on which you can perform all of your print prep steps. Select Image>Duplicate...; in the Image Duplicate dialog, change the name to "My Image Print." (I often use an even more specific name that includes the printer and size, like "My Image E2200 8 X 10 Print.") Select "Duplicate Merged Layers Only" to flatten the image and skip the next step.

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Dictate: My Image

As: ! My Image Print 0 explicate Merged Layers Only

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