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One advantage of printing with profiles is the ability to Soft Proof the image before printing. Soft proofing allows Photoshop to mimic the look of the final print on the monitor:

1 To set up soft proof, select View>Proof Setup>Custom...

2 For Device to Simulate select the printer profile for the printer/paper combination you'll use to print.

3 Set Rendering Intent to "Relative Colorimetric." (More on rendering intents on the web site.)

4 Turn on Black Point Compensation. This matches the black point in your image to the black of the ink used by the printer.

5 Use the Simulate Paper Color option to better mimic the look of the print in the proof. Often selecting this option makes the image appear washed out. So don't select this option for bright white photo papers, but definitely use it for papers that are noticeably off-white.

6 Save a proof setup you use often by clicking the Save button. Give it a useful name incorporating the printer and paper names, like "EPR2400 Prem Luster." This name then appears at the bottom of the View>Proof Setup menu for easy access in the future.

7 Photoshop now displays a soft proof of how your image will print using this profile. There might be some minor color shifts in the print to correct at this point. Display a new view without the soft proof by selecting Window>Arrange>New Window... for before and after views. The title for each view displays if a profile was applied to it.

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