Stage 0: Capture the Image

This is a book about Photoshop, not photography. I don't cover the specifics of digital image capture, but there are a couple points to make about the importance of image capture. First, ensure good exposure in your images. There's a myth that Photoshop can fix any type of problem in digital images. There are definitely many options for fixing problem images in Photoshop, but it's always best to start with a good image. Second, capture a sharp, straight image. Use sharp lenses and limit the use of camera filters or other light modifying tricks. Many filter effects are easily mimicked by Photoshop and with more precision.

Learn Photoshop Now

Learn Photoshop Now

This first volume will guide you through the basics of Photoshop. Well start at the beginning and slowly be working our way through to the more advanced stuff but dont worry its all aimed at the total newbie.

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    How to 0capture a picture?
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