Stage 2A: Opening Image Files

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Open an image file by double-clicking on an image in Bridge or by navigating through the File Open dialog within Photoshop.

Your image files will likely be in one of three common formats: TIF, Jpeg, or RAW. Images in TIF or Jpeg format open immediately and display in an image window in Photoshop. If Photoshop displays a Profile Mismatch warning, just click OK to dismiss the dialog. More on profiles in Chapter 4, Printing.

TIF files are common for images created from scanned film. See the web site for more on working with film.

Digital cameras usually create Jpeg files. The digital imaging community often dismisses Jpeg images as poor quality. But digital cameras are capable of producing excellent quality Jpeg images. If your digital camera only creates Jpeg files, you still can create good images. The main disadvantage of Jpeg images is their availability only in 8 bits per channel and consequent susceptibility to posterization or other forms of degradation when edited. Jpeg files are fine for minor image edits and excellent for E-mail and posting on the Web.

If you're opening TIF or Jpeg files skip over the next section on Processing RAW Images.

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Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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