If an image needs straightening, do it before you crop since you'll need to eliminate the white border created by the image rotation.

Use the Measure tool to straighten an image. It lets you draw a line along something in the image you want horizontal or vertical (like the horizon line or a building), and then rotates the canvas so the drawn line becomes horizontal or vertical. The steps are:

1 Select the Measure tool. It's the little ruler hidden under the Eyedropper tool in the toolbox.

2 Draw a line using the Measure tool along something in the image that should be horizontal or vertical. (Here I drew a line along the horizon.)

3 Select Image>Rotate Canvas>Arbitrary and select the value in the dialog. This value is the amount the drawn line is off horizontally or vertically. Click on OK to straighten the image. Remove the resulting white background when you crop.

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