The Clone Stamp Tool

Use the Clone Stamp tool to copy a piece of your image and stamp it onto another area of the image. If the intelligence of the Spot Healing Brush fails, carefully determine if the stamp can fix the defect.

First find a spot on the image and an adjacent area of the image without the spot but with a similar texture. You'll clone from the "clean" area onto the spot.

Select a brush with a hardness of 75% and make the brush slightly larger than the defect.

Place the pointer over the "clean" area of the image. It appears as a circle the same size as the selected brush. Hold down the [afy /^Q key to display a small target and click on the clean area.

Once you selected a "clean" area, release the as key, move the mouse over the top of the spot to be removed, and click over the spot.

Repeat for each spot.

When you click over a spot, the Clone Stamp tool also displays a cross over the clone capture area. Keep track of where the clone comes from to ensure it's still the correct tone to capture.

Keep adjusting the size of the tool to be slightly larger than the size of the spot to remove. This reduces the appearance of artifacts.

Don't drag the Clone Stamp tool around the image, rather make many different clicks to cover many spots or remove a scratch or dust streak. Dragging the brush over the image produces parallel patterns that are easily noticed.

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