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The toolbox holds the Photoshop tools. The tools allow you to work directly on the image: selecting, painting, adding text, etc. Generally you'll select a tool, move your mouse pointer over the image and use the tool directly on the image by clicking on the image. Most of the tools change the cursor when the mouse moves over the Image Window to reflect the selected tool.

The toolbox includes a number of hidden tools. Access them by clicking and holding the mouse on a single tool icon. A tiny black triangle identifies the tools having hidden tools beneath.

Each tool has a set of options for customizing its function. When you select any tool, the option bar (just below the menu) changes to display the options for that tool.

You apply the default function for each tool merely by clicking or dragging the mouse on the image. Clicking on the image with the paint tool makes Photoshop paint the foreground color onto the image.

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