The Workflow Outline

The complete workflow has dozens of different tasks. To simplify I've broken the overall workflow into a series of stages. Each major workflow stage has about three to six tasks within it, but most can be performed easily in a few minutes. Each major stage also has its own section. This chapter covers in detail the stages "Organize the images" through "Performing Local Adjustments." "Photographic Edits" is covered in Chapter 5, Advanced Options , and "Print Preparation" and "Print" are covered in Chapter 4, Printing. The series of stages are:

■ Capture the Image

■ Organize the Images

■ Open Image Files (Process RAW Files)

■ Perform Global Adjustments

■ Perform Local Adjustments

■ Photographic Edits

■ Print Preparation

Let's begin with a brief summary of each stage.

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