To access the Color Balance dialog, select Layers>New Adjustment Layer> Color Balance...

The Color Balance tool actually makes a lot of The RGB color wheel sense once you understand the basic theory of color wheel use in Photography and Digital Imaging. In photography and in computers, color is created by mixing Red, Green, and Blue values from the Red, Green, and Blue color wheel. (You may have heard of other color wheels used in painting.) Colors complementary to Red, Green, and Blue are Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, so changes in R, G, & B also force changes in the values in C, M, & Y. It follows then that adding one color automatically implies removing its complement. So, adding Red is the same as removing Cyan.

The Color Balance tool is therefore very simple to use. If your image has too much overall Green, then add Magenta (and remove Green) by moving the slider between Magenta and Green left towards Magenta. Be careful when using the Color balance tool to identify the various color cast in your image. Often what appears as a Blue cast (especially blue in shadows) is actually a Blue/Cyan cast, which requires adding Yellow and Red.

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The Color Balance tool also allows you to adjust the colors based on the overall image tone. By default, the tone balance is set to "Midtones," so that color changes appear strongest at the Midtones, and weaker in the Shadows and Highlights. This setting works best for applying overall changes to the image color balance. It is also possible to make color changes that are localized to the shadows or highlights in your image by switch to "Shadows" or "Highlights."

The Color Balance tool is useful to learn the basics of editing color in digital images. For basic image adjustments, work with the Color Balance tool.

But the Color Balance tool isn't really the best tool to use for performing color balance (classic Photoshop). In the Advanced Options chapter, you will learn to use the Levels tool for more precise color adjustments.

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