How To Render Cars In Photoshop

How To Render Cars In Photoshop

Viddyoze Video Animation Software Review

Viddyoze Video Animation Software Review


Using Finger Painting

Bandpass Subwoofer Enclosures Specs

The image in the lower-right corner of Figure 14 shows the effect with the Finger Painting check box selected prior to the smudge stroke. The image in the upper-right corner did not have the Finger Painting check box selected. The image in the lower-left corner had the Finger Painting option off, but had the Use All Layers check box selected. The Use All Layers check box enables your smudge stroke to affect all the layers beneath the current layer. The Finger Painting option uses the foreground...

Cleaning up scanned halftones

Photoshop Face Cleaning

Photoshop offers one additional filter in the Filter Noise submenu called Dust & Scratches. The purpose of this filter is to remove dust particles, hairs, scratches, and other imperfections that may accompany a scan. The filter offers two options, Radius and Threshold. As long as the offending imperfection is smaller or thinner than the Radius value and different enough from its neighbors to satisfy the Threshold value, the filter deletes the spot or line and interpolates between the pixels...

Creating a layer-based slice

Another method for defining slices in Photoshop and ImageReady is to convert layers into slices. A layer-based slice includes all the pixel data in the layer. When you edit the layer, move it, or apply a layer effect to it, the layer-based slice adjusts to encompass the new pixels. To unlink a layer-based slice from its layer, you can convert it to a user slice. You'll create a slice based on the Copyright Strip layer, and then apply a layer effect to it so you can see how the slice adjusts to...

Coloring in RGB or CMYK? The Great Controversy

Divide Cmyk Colour Pick

You might have noticed all of the techniques I've outlined set up the images for being colored in RGB mode. However, for professional offset printing files must be in CMYK mode. In fact, many colorists prefer to color directly in CMYK mode. Do you convert the image to CMYK before or after coloring This is a hotly debated topic amongst colorists. RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue, for the three channels that all the colors are divided into. RGB is the native color mode of computers, allowing...

Antialiasing an image

Anti Aliasing Filter Photoshop

If you have a particularly jagged image, such as a 256-color GIF file, there's a better way to soften the rough edges than applying the Gaussian Blur filter. The best solution is to antialias the image. How After all, Photoshop doesn't offer an Antialias filter. Well, think about it. Back in the Softening selection outlines section of Chapter 8, I described how Photoshop antialiases a brushstroke or selection outline at twice its normal size and then reduces it by 50 percent and applies bicubic...

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS2

Welcome to Adobe Photoshop CS2 Revealed. This book offers creative projects, concise instructions, and complete coverage of basic to advanced Photoshop skills, helping you create dynamic Photoshop art Use this book as you learn Photoshop, and then use it later as your own reference guide. This text is organized into 16 chapters plus additional online bonus content. In these chapters, you will learn many skills including how to work with layers, make selections, adjust color techniques, use...