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The Secrets To Drawing Video Course

The course is designed by Mr. Matt who is a teacher, an artist, and an illustrator. His vast and proven experience allowed him to develop this course. There are many courses out there in the market but they all lack the real meaning of drawing which is that the drawing can not only be learned from small tricks or methodologies, it requires a real knowledge. A person must learn the core fundamentals to be a real artist. All of this knowledge is given in this course which includes 26 illustrated eBooks with 178 pages and more than 5 hours watch time of 28 HD videos. Everything is concisely designed and briefly described in 28 modules which are very easy to understand by every type of person either a beginner or an intermediate artist. The course covers the basic elements of drawing as well as multiple mediums and different techniques. The course offers all of its content for downloading. People face many problems like how to see the things like an artist, which color is suitable for a specific artwork, how to improve their abilities and skills and many more. This course gives the solution to all such problems in an effective manner. More here...

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Contents: Video Course
Author: Matt
Price: $30.00

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Highly Recommended

It is pricier than all the other books out there, but it is produced by a true expert and is full of proven practical tips.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

Realistic Pencil Portrait Home Study Course

Realistic Pencil Portrait Home Study Course is a book with Step-by-Step guide that is designated to helping you draw realistic pencil portraits. Christopher Sia, the author of the realistic pencil portrait home study has been drawing pencil portraits and teaching thousands of students to draw also. Christopher Sia did not really start up on an expert basis, he paid good money to attend drawing courses but he was not achieving maximum realism of human pencil portrait that he so desired. Having not being too good at drawing standard realistic pencil portrait, He felt discouraged by friends since he was not as talented in drawing as they could. But after years of trials and errors (it wasn't all that easy though) he was able to draw with proficiency and the image looks alive. The realistic pencil portrait home study course consists of 5 drawing eBooks in a PDF format with high quality illustrations and images that is designed to help anyone regardless of your low the level of expertise in drawing is. The study course is very newbie friendly and it requires no intermediate level of technical skill to assimilate. More here...

Realistic Pencil Portrait Home Study Course Summary

Contents: Ebook 49 Pages, 163 Illustrations, Online Course
Author: Christopher Sia
Official Website:
Price: $47.00

Pencil Drawing Made Easy

This online course teaches you how to start drawing amazing pencil drawings, even if you have never been able to make good art before this! With over 40 hours of quality drawing instruction, you will be able to draw the best quality artwork you've ever been able to do in your life. You are able to watch these lessons from any device that you have, and thus learn to draw from anywhere! Supposedly, learning to draw is really hard After completing this course, you will wonder why you ever thought something like that was true! You will be amazed at how easily you are able to pick up drawing and start making art in ways that you have never been able to before! It takes a bit of time to learn, but you will be amazed at how quickly you progress in your artistic skills with this course! More here...

Pencil Drawing Made Easy Summary

Contents: Online Course
Creator: Nolan Clark
Official Website:
Price: $47.00

How To Draw Pencil Portraits

Step-by-step Instruction E-book On Drawing Pencil Portraits. In the initial step, you will learn on how to choose a reference picture that's right for you to draw. Some pictures are harder to draw compared to others, and most beginners jump into the wrong picture, only to give up and never try again. In this step, you will definitely understand how to pick a fitting reference picture. The best part is, you are likely to draw quicker and with less frustration once you know what type of pictures to draw. This e-book leads you from a blank sheet of paper to a finished drawing of Halle Berry. You will get to learn the 8 simple steps throughout the process of drawing. Step one: Choose An Appropriate Reference Picture. Step 2: Organize The Position, Outline And Proportions Of The Features. Step 3: Eye Drawing Shading and Shadows. Step 4: Nose Drawing Shading and Shadows Step 5: Mouth drawing Shading and Shadows. Step six: Ear Drawing Shading and Shadows. Step 7: Hair Drawing Shading and Shadows. Step 8: Face Drawing Shading and Shadows. This is basically the final step of this drawing portraits tutorial. This final step gives the finishing touches to shading the forehead, cheek, and jaw. Having completed this, I'm confident to say that you'll be able to draw portraits of your friends, family members, or celebrities. Learn how to draw the details of the face. 42 step-by-step illustrations for shading the face. Understand how to shade the face. Learn how to add shading on the neck. More here...

How To Draw Pencil Portraits Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Christopher Sia
Official Website:
Price: $27.00

Find Edges Filter Approach To Creating Aline Drawing

The Find Edges filter is possibly the most commonly used filter used to create line drawings, but the filter results in lines made with shades of gray. The reason for this is that Find Edges makes low-contrast areas white, medium-contrast areas gray, and high-contrast areas become black. It also turns hard edges into thin lines and soft edges into fat lines. The result is a line drawing that is very different from the thin lines that we get by using the Smart Blur filter. It can, however, transform some digital photos into some pretty cool line drawings.

Converting an image into a line drawing

The High Pass filter is especially useful as a precursor to Image Adjust Threshold, which converts all pixels in an image to black and white (again, covered in Chapter 17). As illustrated in Figure 10-18, the Threshold command produces entirely different effects on images before and after you alter them with the High Pass filter. In fact, applying the High Pass filter with a low Radius value and then issuing the Threshold command converts your image into a line drawing.

Converting AutoCAD Drawings

AutoCAD elevations are line drawings that often include line thickness (called line weight in AutoCAD) as another graphical dimension. Traditionally, elevations convey the outlines of a structure's major features, and line weight emphasizes depth and the relative importance of the objects shown. Elevation line drawing in AutoCAD Elevation line drawing in AutoCAD

Ultrawide Sharpening

Here's an effect that started off with a blurred, inverted Color Dodge layer. Usually, this is a good base for a line drawing the degree of blur controls the lines' strength. But instead of using blur, I wanted to see the effect of applying the Unsharp Mask filter over a wide area that is, pushing up its radius slider. It took no time to repeat the process with Ctrl Cmd-F and discover that evenly toned areas could be bleached and the details could be fringed with the original image colors. It's such an easy recipe and can be applied to all sorts of pictures.

Color Dodge

Blending the base layer with an exact but inverted copy of itself results in an all-white image However, apply a little Gaussian blur to the picture and things become a little more interesting Because blacks are preserved, using a small Gaussian blur radius with an inverted copy of the image will result in a line-drawing effect Color Dodge therefore allows you to build your own Find Edges filter that to some extent you can fine-tune afterward by increasing the blur Once it's applied, you can control its strength by reducing the layer's opacity However, you can't reverse the blur itself unless you step back through the History or use the History brush So, add Gaussian blur a little at a time and build up the line-drawing effect until you've created the desired result Applying Color Dodge plus a little blur to an inverted image produces a line drawing.

Chalk and Charcoal

The Colored Pencil filter adds a light, airy feel. The Colored Pencil filter adds a light, airy feel. Chalk and charcoal are linear materials, which is to say that they draw lines rather than large flat areas like paints. Choose your subjects with that in mind. You can, of course, apply shading as a pattern of lines or a crosshatch, and you can smudge to your heart's content. If you're drawing from scratch, start with a fairly simple line drawing and expand on it. If you're translating a photo or scanned image into a chalk or charcoal drawing, choose one that has strong line patterns and well-defined detail.

What You'll Find

Chapter 5 looks at how to enhance AutoCAD plan drawings with the power of Photoshop. You'll add tone, color, pattern, gradient, transparency, and shadow to line drawings that pop the presentation up to a new level. Chapter 6 examines the traditional elevation line drawing and dresses it up with Photoshop's layer style effects, shadows, reflection and refraction, and entourage. Your clients will understand your colorized elevations much more readily after you master the techniques presented in this chapter. Chapter 8 opens the door to non-photo-realistic illustrations that you can make in Photoshop based on a 3D model from Autodesk VIZ. Illustrations stimulate the imagination and can have a range of appearances from pencil sketches to watercolors and painted looks.

Simulating Texture

Perhaps the most important transformation made to a line drawing in Photoshop is simulating texture, because it gives the image realistic-looking surfaces. Let's start by filling areas with flat color and then texturize them by filtering with visual noise. In addition, you can add scans or photos of real materials to your pattern library and then apply them to the elevation. Later in this section you will learn how to cut reveals (gaps) into the stonework, patterning a surface with proportional lines.

Drawing curved paths

When you drag the pen tool, Photoshop draws direction lines and direction points from the anchor point. You can use these direction lines and points to adjust the shape and direction of the curve. You'll edit paths using the direction lines and direction points after you practice drawing curved paths.

Tracing Photographs

Creating striking illustrations in Photoshop is easy when you use photography as your starting point. You don't really need any traditional drawing skills, you simply need to understand which tools are right for the task at hand, and how to use them to your advantage. All of the details and divisions of color necessary to create a stunning illustration exist in your photography, you just need to recognize the potential within the image and make use of it.

Linear Dodge

You can produce interesting results by inverting the blend layer and applying small amounts of Gaussian blur At first, the image is completely white, but as you increase the Gaussian radius, you will see a line drawing begin to emerge In this picture of the girl, a little blur washes out the image, around 10-15 produces a weak line drawing, while pushing the radius up to around 25 produces the most balanced effect Applying Linear Dodge and Gaussian blur with a radius of 25 to an inverted image produces a balanced combination between a line drawing and a bleached photograph. A smaller amount of blur (here, I've used a value of 10) produces a weak line drawing without the need for filters.

How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

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