With the intention of selecting the sky, I click in the pink sky area near the upper-right corner of this image of Kachemak Bay, Alaska. (The default control settings, with a Tolerance of 32, allow the Magic Wand to select all the Contiguous pixels within a range of 32 grayscale values of the pixel I click.)

Often the first selection attempt doesn't yield the results you want. You can proceed to correct the situation by either starting again or modifying the initial selection.

With the Magic Wand tool selected, you have these options available:

V Tolerance: Controls the range of pixels selected by the threshold value entered.

V Anti-Alias: Controls whether the selected edge will have any partially selected pixels.

V Contiguous: Determines whether the selection includes all pixels falling within the Tolerance range across the entire image, or just those pixels touching the Magic Wand.

V Sample All Layers: Determines, in a multilayered document, whether the selection includes pixels within the currently active layer only.

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