Let's say we want to add 0.5 inch to the top of the image — just the place for setting down a bit of added granite background. First, select the Relative check box. Then type 0.5 (inch) in the Height field. Note: If you don't check the Relative check box, you have to do math to figure out what to put in the Width field . . . Yuk!

In the Anchor area, click the middle square in the bottom row. This ensures that the whole 0.5 inch of added canvas gets added to the top of the image.

Click on the Canvas Extension Color drop-down menu located at the bottom of the Canvas Size dialog box to select a background color for the added acreage.

Taz's Take: Be sure to select a background color that highly contrasts with the image you want to extend; here you should select white, the default background color.

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