Now the image is a bit darker and has a bit more contrast.



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Examining Contrast Options: Darkening and Decreasing Contrast

From time to time, you'll want to darken an image and decrease its contrast. Here's how that's done:

1 Choose ImageoAdjustmentso Curves.

The Curves dialog box shows up on-screen.

2 Click and drag down on the middle of the curve in the Curves dialog box.

Doing so darkens the image overall.

3 First click and drag the quarter-tone portion of the curve slightly down; then click and drag the three-quarter-tone portion of the curve slightly up.

4 Click OK to apply the adjustments.

Now the image is a bit darker and has a bit less contrast.

Comparing the two images — the one with more contrast and the one with less — you can see that a little bit of movement in the Curves dialog box goes a long way when you make any curve adjustments that affect contrast. Don't overdo it.

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