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When you are through manipulating your panorama, you can save your panorama either as a .pmg (Photomerge format) or as another file format.

I mention both options here for the sake of completeness, but trust me, you really don't want to save your panorama in Photomerge format. (Okay, if you simply have to know, you do that by clicking the Save Composition As button located in the upper-right corner of the Photomerge window.) What you really want to do is save your panorama in Photoshop format — that way you can edit it later in Photoshop if you so desire.

The Photomerge window makes exporting your panorama a snap. Simply click the OK Button — the one above the Save Composition As button mentioned previously — to export your image for opening and editing in Photoshop. This may take a few minutes; Photoshop will need to apply a transformation to each image.

After this export is completed, your panorama opens as a multilayered Photoshop image.

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Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

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