Doing an Image Extraction and Addition Makeover (continued)

! In the Options bar, change to the Sampling: Once eyedropper.

With the Sampling: Once eyedropper, you can click a background color and then drag the Background Eraser across many branches to remove that background color.

0 Still in the Options bar, change the Tolerance setting to 30-35% and make sure that Discontiguous is selected in the Limits drop-down menu.

You're gong to want to select and remove a wider range of pixels here. (The interstices have a wider range of background pixel values because all the branches are so close together.)

# Using Spacebar+^/Ctrl, zoom in on an interior area, and then click with the crosshair of your brush on the middle of a representative background color for that area.

The idea here is to sample this background area.

$ Click and drag across the area.

Pixels corresponding to the background color you sampled are selected and removed.

% Using the Spacebar to activate the Hand tool, move around the inside area of the tree branches — clicking the background colors and then dragging to remove those pixels.

Change your Tolerance settings as needed to suit the range of pixel values that need to be sampled and removed. (In areas where the

sky is barely showing through, you may want to drop your Tolerance setting to as low as 10%.)

Taz's Take: Stay zoomed in so you can monitor the quality of your sampling and removal. If you oversample and remove too much, just use 8§/Ctrl+Z to undo any misstep. If you undersample and underremove, just sample and remove the same pixels, changing your Tolerance settings (using the keypad) as required.

0 Back in the Options bar, set your eyedropper to Sampling: Continuous, select a larger brush, and set Tolerance to 100%.

After completing the initial edge and interior sampling and removal, scrub the area outside the boundaries of the tree to remove any missed pixels. Do the same with the surrounding background.

& Using the brush with the new settings, scrub around the tree.

When you're finished, your tree should be completely isolated from its original background.

* Open and duplicate the Red_Rocks.tif image, then rename it


As usual, you can find this image on the Web site associated with this book.

Be sure to place this image on-screen so you can see it when you return to the Arches_Juniper image.

( With the Arches_Juniper image once again active, select the Rectangular Marquee tool from the Toolbox.

0 0

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