Doing an Image Extraction and Addition Makeover (continued)

$ Using the Rectangular Marquee tool, draw a selection around the portion of the tree you want to transfer.

Be sure to select all of the tree, but none of the (remaining) sky background.

q While holding down the §€/Ctrl key, click and drag the marquee-selected juniper tree over into the Red_Rocks image.

When you drop the juniper tree image, it's placed in the Red_Rocks image, right where you dragged it. (Here it's shown near the middle of the image.)

Keep in mind that the juniper tree gets added to the Red_Rocks image as a separate layer — which you can verify with a quick glance at the Layers palette.

W Double-click the name of this layer in the Layers palette and rename it Juniper.

I strongly recommend that you get into the habit of giving descriptive names to your layers — rather than sticking with the default Layer 1, Layer 2, and so forth. It'll help you keep track of what the layers show when you start adding them to your images.

e Back in the main image, select the Move tool from the Toolbox, and then use it to click and drag the tree into position.

I'd move the tree toward the left side of the image, between the two sections of the buff-colored sandstone.

Note that the tree looks out of place, just kind of sitting on top of the image. We're going to take care of that right now, by moving a section of the sandstone outcropping in front of the tree.

r Using Spacebar+^/Ctrl, zoom in on the base of the tree; then use the Move tool to fine-tune the tree's placement.

Place the tree near the top of the foreground sandstone outcrop, making sure that you can still see some blue sky on each side of the tree.

t Select the Magnetic Lasso tool from the Toolbox and, in the tool's Options bar, check the Anti-Alias box, and set the Feather to 1 pixel.

The Magnetic Lasso tool works well because it was designed to make it easy for you to make selections with high contrast edges.

y In the Layers palette, click the Background layer to activate it, and then toggle off the juniper tree view by clicking the eye on the left side of the Juniper layer.

The juniper tree disappears, for now — but keep in mind the tree's placement in the image.

U Using the Magnetic Lasso tool, select the section of sandstone outcropping you want to place in front of the juniper tree.

I recommend starting at the top of the foreground outcrop to the left of where the tree will be, tracing an irregular path through the sandstone below the bottom of the tree, drawing the path up to the top of the outcrop, then running along the top of the foreground outcrop until the lasso path gets close to the starting point. When you've reached that point, double-click to close the path and complete the selection.




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